YAP Proposal #167: Agri-Poultry farming for youth employment (Collins Togom, Kenya)

Here is an example of passion at work. I commend you Collins for this project and wish you all the best. 🙂


TogomCollins_Poultry house_ Collins and BernardAfter serving and working in community development and more specifically in youth economic empowerment programs for quite some time, my direction has become further defined. This arose after I attended a training event for President Obama’s program known as Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) from November 2015 to February 2016.

The training helped me to not only gain deep understanding of entrepreneurship but also to swing into action. It pushed me to think deeply and ask myself what opportunities I have within my sphere.

I have initiated training for many youth in entrepreneurship and, being a leader in several youth groups, I evaluated my life and passion. After rewriting my mission, I found my area of interest and passion. It is an area that I have overlooked for my many years despite the fact that my father taught and exposed me to a lot of it. It is the field…

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